Havets Hus – Aquarium showing the life of the west coast

At our neighbouring house Havets Hus, you can experience a world in blue, green and turqoise. If you want to know of life under the water, this is the right place for you. Here you meet the west coasts most fascinating species- from the lesser spotted dog-fish to the cuckoo wrasse.

Havets House is open all year round (during low season it’s open weekend’s). It shows the life of our scandinavien sea with informative expertise whilst in a playful way. Different exhibitions about the sea and it’s species are shown to the public to suite all ages and levels of knowledge. Havets House also offers great opportunities for knowledge development with in marine related subjects. Summer time provides the popular beach school and sea & country camp.

In cooperation with Havets House and Nordens ark we have at Strandflickorna a special offer family package that is called “Salt and Wild”, there you can experience both whilst at the same time staying in our charming Strandvillan (Villa Strand).

Please note: Between Sept 2018 to May 2019 a major renovation at Havets Hus takes place. Welcome back summer 2019!

2018 firar Havets Hus 25-årsjubileum vilket uppmärksammas på olika sätt under året. Bland annat kommer 25 småfläckiga rödhajsungar att släppas ut i havet den 6:e augusti. De bjuder också den 25:e besökaren fri entré den 25:e varje månad. Särskilt fokus kommer det under 2018 också vara på bläckfiskar med utställningen ”Bläckfisken – Havsmonster och superhjälte”. Under sommaren arragnerar Havets Hus även sälsafari och bangolf.

i Havets Hus regi. Utbudet av aktiviteter varierar under året, se kalendariet för alla program. Öppet dagligen till och med 31 augusti 2018.