Wedding & Celebrations

To have a wedding just by the sea is - no matter what season - magical! At Strandflickorna we add a little turn-of-the-century-romance to it...

Wedding guest at Strandflickorna

We have many wedding guests who choose us when it comes to lodging at Strandvillan and Strandflickornas Havshotell. Many of them are the couples who spent their wedding night in one of our houses by the sea. “Badpaviljongen” & “Havsateljén” or in our nice hotel suites…

Wedding party in our hotels

During low season (oct-april) we arrange wedding dinner in both “Gula Villan” and Strandflickorna’s Havshotel.
In “Gula Villan” there is space for 37 guest to dinner. Then you rent the whole villa with a mini suite and two small double room on top floor. You’ve get access to the venue, terrace & garden. If you need more hotel rooms there is possible to reserve this in our neighboring villas.

At Strandflickorna’s Havshotel and our beautiful orangery there is space for 30 dinner guest.
This venue is perfect for those who wishes to keep it simple and end the night before 11pm (to not disturb other hotel guests). Or you can rent the whole hotel with 45 guestbeds in 21 rooms.

If you rent the whole villa you can party until 1am.

Stay the night in connection to a wedding

Many guest choses to stay the night in one of our hotels but arrange the wedding party on their own. Then we have rooms for over 100 guests in our villas.
The wedding party you arrange for example in Havbadsrestaurat, just a few 100 meters from our hotels. Or in “Oscars” and use catering for the food.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us Gina Storm ( or Agnes Karlsson ( or phone +46523-79750