Packages and offers at Strandflickornas Havshotel

Our popular weekend packages can include a nice jacuzzi on the pier, kayaking, golf, oyster adventure, climbing, shopping trips, seafood, scuba diving, wildlife and more.
Of course you choose the package that suits you and your travel company at its best.
If you are adventurous, “Ostron and Mussel Adventure” fits well or if you want to enjoy the good life, you can choose “Spa weekend of Calla” or “Baroness luxary holiday”.

Hilmas hilarious spa spabath package

Hilma worked as a bath servant at Lysekil's seaside resort during the glory days back in 1904... Enjoy her lovely spa bath package in one...

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Spa weekend of “Lydia”, 2 nights

Treat yourself an lovely stay in Lysekil at the Swedish west coast with spa bath, fabulous food, refreshing walks on the granit rocks, nice shopping...

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Captain Pihls hotel package with shrimp dinner

Experience glorious days from the turn of the centrury and book a hotel package filled with a taste of the west coast & charming atmosphere!

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Baroness luxury holiday

We can still hear the the Baroness von Platen as she walked over Lysekil's granite cliffs. Looking for what? The best hotel & food of...

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Miss Fridhem Christmas package

Experience the joy of Christmas in our charming turn-of-the-century settings! You will be served a lovely Christmas menu and nice hotel rooms.

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The Grocer’s Gorgeous Granite Package

Only a century ago, big-bellied grocers sat on the ornate wooden verandas that are so typical for Lysekil in their formal suits, gold-buttoned waistcoats and...

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Oyster- & mussel adventure at sea just outside Lysekil

with a scent of seaweed and freshly cooked mussels!

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Soft kayak adventure

Try a kayaking adventure with Strandflickorna! You stay in one of our charming hotels, kayak in the beautiful archipelago landscape, and enjoy an appetizing two-course...

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