Salt & wild

Visit us and combine the stay with the best from the sea and the forests! The offer includes a visit to “Havets Hus” -the house of the sea, and a visit to “Nordens Ark” -the park for endangered animals from all over the world. Nordens Ark is located about 30 km from Lysekil.

Only a few steps from the sea in Lysekil youŽll find Strand; our combined hostel & hotel. The charming villa from the turn of the century has 72 beds in 22 rooms. All the rooms have their own bathroom, television and free internet access if you bring your own computer.

Havets Hus is one of West Sweden’s most popular attractions – Havets Hus gives you a closer look on life under the surface. The sea outside Lysekil contains thousands of species, of which about 130 are fishes. There are more than 100 animal species at Havets Hus.- located in between Strands twin-building, fifty meters away.

Half an hour away from Lysekil you’ll find Nordens Ark -the park for endangered animals from all over the world. Red panda, wolf, snow leopard and amur tiger are some of the species you will meet there.

Book the package online with accomation at Villa Strand

The package includes

  • Lodging at Strandvillan
  • Entrance to Havets Hus & Nordens Ark

Price example

The price varies depending on the room type and the season.